About this blog

 “Learning is the emergence of that which was not there before. It is a search for the self as well as for the other and others that surround each individual.” Carla Rinaldi 

Art Play Children Learning has been created to support artists, designers, curators and educators designing children’s creative learning environments.

The philosophical values that underpin this blog celebrate the importance of subjectivity, difference, participation, negotiation, uncertainty and emotions in learning. If you are interested in reading more about these ideas, please check out the ‘resources’ tab.

The content featured in the blog posts is built on an image of children as capable, complex and curious beings who have both the human right and the ability to participate in the construction of the spaces, beliefs and practices that shape their lives. I also believe that non-human forces, such as materials and the physical environment, are not passive substances for human’s self-expression but are vibrant and participatory forces that actively co-produce knowledge.

I believe that art holds tremendous possibilities in facilitating learning, understandings and empathy between people and the world. I also love connecting with others who share my relentless enthusiasm towards education and art so please feel free to comment on the posts, subscribe to the email and get involved!

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