About this blog

Hello everyone

I’m Louisa Penfold and I work with children in art museums.

I created this website to support artists, designers and educators to construct children’s creative learning environments.

I am really interested in how artist’s experimental processes can be used to support children’s divergent learning.

Check out the video below to hear what Art Play Children Learning is all about…

On this website you will find posts exploring ideas such as ‘what is pedagogy,’ ‘why does play matter’ as well as different tips and techniques for supporting children’s creative learning.

To navigate your way through these posts, I have created a directory with six different key sections. You can find these under the ‘Directory’ heading at the top of the page. These are art, materials, play, learning, reflections on children’s learning spaces as well as a section on my PhD research.

I love connecting with others who also share a relentless enthusiasm for children’s art education so please feel to leave a comment, sign up for the mailing list and be a part of these conversations!

A little about me 

Aside from nerding out about art and children’s learning on this blog I also do some other things!

At the moment I am undertaking my doctorate in the School of Education at the University of Nottingham in partnership with the early year’s departments at Tate and the Whitworth Art Gallery (UK). My research is looking at children’s learning through play with materials in art museums.  Supervisors for this project are Professor Pat Thomson (School of Education, University of Nottingham) and Dr. Emily Pringle (Head of Learning Practice & Research, Tate). This research is funded by the University of Nottingham, Brisbane City Council, The Ian Potter Cultural Trust and The Graduate Women of Queensland Fellowship Fund.

I have also worked on the learning programs at The Ipswich Art Gallery, Artslink Queensland, the Queensland Art Gallery/Gallery of Modern Art (Australia) and as a research fellow on Serpentine Galleries’ Changing Play programme (UK). My Master thesis investigated intergenerational learning programs at the Dallas Museum of Art, the Denver Art Museum and the Museum of Modern Art (USA).

I hope you enjoy the website!

P.S. Thanks to Stefan Zander for filming the video.


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